Unexpected Meeting Places

The Commuter Connection


Meeting someone is often a spontaneous event that occurs between two people in the same place at a time when they are open to the possibilities, but it can be a long term event when they have something in common. Both of them might be employed by the same company, in different areas, and get to know each other in the break room. Others might meet through the commuter connection where they take the same train or bus every day. There could also be people who fly on the same airlines on a regular basis, and they could often sit next to each other when traveling for business.

While friends and family are generally willing to introduce likely couples to each other, many single people resist their help. They want to meet someone new and different, so finding their own candidate for a relationship is important. Getting to know another person over time at work could be their ideal solution, or they might find other places they go regularly where they can meet someone suitable.

For those who commute to work, finding companionship on the long ride might provide them with possibilities. It could take a much longer time to get to know their fellow travelers, but the wait might turn out to be worthwhile in the end. Their casual chats while moving across the landscape could lead to a date, and it could turn out well enough for them to enter into a long term relationship.

There are no guarantees in life that meeting a companion will be easy, but there are possibilities everywhere. For those who are willing to reach out and meet people, many situations will offer them opportunities. A commute to work could be the start of a great relationship, but it will only happen if two people are willing to take the time to get to know each other.