Cleaning Up at the Cleaners

Many people have clothes they would rather not launder at home, and they tend to find a local shop where they can get their laundry done professionally. Even those who do the majority of their own clothes will find there are one or two special items that require professional services. If they happen to be single, they could find that cleaning up at the cleaners is about more than just getting their clothes done. Meeting new people takes just a minute, and it is an opportunity that should never be passed up.

Local cleaners often have a regular clientele, and they can be busy places. Waiting in line to drop off or pick up items is an opportunity to meet those who live in the area. Some of them will be married with children, but others could be singles newly arrived in the area. Meeting them means being ready to strike up a general conversation, so a single person should have an opening line planned along with the directions for getting out those pesky stains.